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Kodak i40 Document Scanner

Kodak i40 Document Scanner Product Code: 1761972

Get everything you want from a small desktop scanner—and more

KODAK i40 Scanner offer easy setup and integration, fast scanning speed and a USB 2.0 interface for quick image transfer. Plus you get great image quality with Perfect Page scanning, a Kodak exclusive.

You want fast

* Scan up to 25 pages—or 50 images— per minute
* Select up to nine assigned scanning applications (such as KODAK Capture Desktop Software) at the touch of a button
* Automatic image cropping and straightening means outstanding image accuracy at full scanning speed

You want easy

* Easy to use and fit in any work space
* A unique special document feeder allows front-feed, front-return scanning of small documents such as drivers’ licenses and insurance cards
* Flexible electronic color dropout automatically suppresses non-critical red, green or blue background to improve forms processing
* Reliable multi-feed detection for better scanning productivity
* VRS compatible for more imaging options

You want great images

* Get renowned image quality from Perfect Page scanning—advanced image processing that allows you to scan even poor-quality documents at full speed and get exceptional images
* Five output options let you choose between color, bitonal or grayscale output or two dual stream output options: bitonal and grayscale or bitonal and color
* Customize color output to fit your application

Product Specification


Price:   £585.00

£702.00  (Including: VAT at 20%)


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6 boxes of 24 wipes 

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